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ReptiChip is the perfect lizard substrate, though it works well for any reptile. There are several significant advantages of ReptiChip’s innovative coconut lizard bedding. Although there are some other decent lizard substrates out there, ReptiChip is an all-natural coconut substrate, making it perfect for creating a healthy environment for your reptile.

What Makes It the Best Lizard Substrate?

  • No Mess

ReptiChip is simple to clean. All you have to do is simply remove it and replace it. Without the hassle of particulate sticking to the glass, it is a simple, painless process.

  • Organic

ReptiChip is organic, and their lizard-substrate helps to maintain a safe habitat for your favorite little (or big) reptile.

  • Moisture Retentive

Since coconut is naturally moisture-retentive, it makes a great lizard substrate that is healthy and safe for your pet.

How To Find ReptiChip?

ReptiChip is sold online and has a lot of distributors. We offer free shipping in the USA and offer fast and reliable customer service. If you are looking to simplify the cleaning of your terrarium and upgrade the lifestyle of your reptile friend, order the best iguana bedding available on the market. Coconut has been used for quite some time by Orchid growers and plant enthusiasts and has made its way to the world of scales, tails, and little dinosaurs. (Yes. We mean reptiles).

Is it Worth it?

Aside from all of the practical advantages, ReptiChip is cost-effective and looks great in your tank! The dark color and clean appearance will not disappoint you when you make the switch. Be sure to keep the tank clean and replace your iguana substrate often.