Сoconut Substrate Perfected: ReptiChip

ReptiChip was created after an extensive search for the ideal reptile substrate. While coconut bedding is a good reptile substrate, ReptiChip has set THE standard by selecting the highest quality coconut available anywhere in the world. Cultivated for its purity and cleanliness, ReptiChip is the safest coconut substrate on the market today.

ReptiChip is the industry leader in reptile bioactive substrates due to customer satisfaction. Initially sold only to reptile breeders, ReptiChip has set the standard by which all other substrates are measured; and has become the favorite for professional reptile breeders and hobbyists alike.



The Perfect Coconut Substrate Solution

Due to its uniformity of size, consistency of cut, cleanliness, and ease of use, ReptiChip Premium Coconut Substrate is the industry standard for quality reptile bedding.


ReptiChip Products:

  • Retain moisture and maintain humidity due to the caliber of our sourced coconut 
  • Make cleaning simple and easy
  • Have the lowest potassium and sodium content of any coconut products (safer for your reptiles)
  • Are fresh water washed a minimum of three times to eliminate the tannins that stain reptiles and enclosures
  • Are 100% organic and renewable


Why ReptiChip?

ReptiChip is known and loved by reptile enthusiasts globally. Created, owned, and operated by reptile keepers, ReptiChip is a unique company dedicated to creating and maintaining the highest quality products available in the world.

  • ReptiChip promotes fellow reptile enthusiasts on our website, social media, and through our expansive ReptiChip Distribution Network
  • ReptiChip actively contributes and donates to various reptile organizations such as the United State Reptile Keepers Association (USARK), which lobbies for reptile enthusiasts’ rights
  • ReptiChip sponsors the largest reptile shows and reptile-related media in the world (North American Reptile Breeders Conference, HERPS Exotic Reptile and Pet Shows, Snakes and the Fatman podcast, etc)
  • Veteran owned and operated, ReptiChip holds itself to the same high standards, dedication, and attention to detail that were perfected through decades of overseas deployments and military service.