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When you’re on the hunt for tortoise substrate, you have a plethora of choices. So how do you narrow those choices down? First, find a company that cares as much about your reptiles as you do (hint: that’s us). As for the actual tortoise bedding material, maybe it’s time to ditch the same old, same old and get the tortoise substrate your pet will actually love; coconut substrate.

What Makes ReptiChip The Best Tortoise Bedding

We spent years trying to find a tortoise substrate that met our standards. When we weren’t able to find one that checked all our boxes, we got to work on developing our own.

That’s when we stumbled on coconut substrate as a potential solution. After testing and perfecting various coconut chip mixtures, ReptiChip was born. Here’s why ReptiChip is the perfect tortoise bedding:

  • It retains humidity, providing the ideal tortoise habitat
  • Coconut chips are easy to clean
  • ReptiChip is made using only the highest quality coconuts
  • Coconut chips have low potassium and sodium content, making them safe for your tortoise
  • ReptiChip is made using 100% organic coconuts

Why ReptiChip?

ReptiChip is made for reptile lovers, by reptile lovers. Unlike other reptile substrates, we never skimp on quality and use only fresh, high quality coconuts; never rebranded agricultural-grade products.

ReptiChip supports fellow reptile breeders through the ReptiChip Distribution Network, and our reptile and tortoise substrates are only distributed through fellow reptile breeders that care as much about reptiles as you do.

ReptiChip walks the walk when it comes to supporting reptiles and their owners. A portion of our profits actively go toward supporting reptile health through organizations like USARK (United States Reptile Keepers Association), which lobbies for reptile enthusiasts’ rights.

And as a small company, ReptiChip prides itself on customer service. Should you ever have an issue with your tortoise substrate or any other ReptiChip products, you’ll be able to speak directly to the founder and owner of ReptiChip to make things right.

Find Your Ideal Tortoise Bedding Today

ReptiChip is the perfect tortoise bedding to create a safe and comfortable home for your tortoise. And because it’s easy to clean and environmentally friendly, you’ll love it and the planet will, too. So go ahead, make the switch to coconut and get ReptiChip today!