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ReptiChip is the preferred large snake substrate of all the largest reptile breeders in the world because it's safe, easy to maintain, and creates an incredibly comfortable environment for your pet.

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Best Substrates For Pythons & Boas

ReptiChip Breeder Block
ReptiChip Breeder Block


ReptiChip Breeder Bundle
ReptiChip Breeder Bundle


RediChip Premium Medium Sized Coconut Chips
RediChip Premium Medium Sized Coconut Chips



Taking care of large snakes such as pythons, reticulated pythons, blood pythons, anacondas and boas is both incredibly challenging and tremendously rewarding. But of all the challenges that come along with owning one of these beautiful creatures, finding the ideal large snake bedding shouldn’t be one of them. ReptiChip’s hassle-free coconut substrate is the perfect large snake substrate specifically formulated to keep your snake clean, safe, and comfortable.

What is ReptiChip?

Made only from Sri Lankan coconut, ReptiChip’s triple-washed coconut chips create the ideal amphibian environment that combines cleanliness, comfort, and humidity for the ultimate reptile home. 

ReptiChip is the preferred large snake bedding of the biggest reptile breeders in the industry such as JKolbyka Reptiles, Always Evolving Pythons, Mutation Creation, and more, because it’s the best.

Here are some more reasons why ReptiChip is #1...

Simply The Best

  • Pet-friendly- ReptiChip has a lower sodium and potassium content than any other large snake bedding on the market
  • Easy to maintain- ReptiChip has one of the lowest tannin contents of all boa substrates on the market, which means it won’t stain your animals or enclosures
  • Coconut substrate for snakes holds humidity incredibly well, which creates the ideal large snake habitat
  • ReptiChip coconuts are never recycled and repurposed; they’re always fresh!
  • ReptiChip’s amphibian bedding is made with 100% renewable and eco-friendly coconuts
  • ReptiChip is 100% organic 
  • All customer service issues are handled directly by the owner and founder


ReptiChip’s Support For All Things Reptile

We do more than sell the best snake bedding in the industry; we also support USARK (United State Reptile Keepers) and some of the largest reptile shows and media in the world like NARBC and HERPS. 

What’s more, ReptiChip promotes fellow breeders on our website and social media through the ReptiChip Distribution Network, which is composed of trusted reptile lovers just like you.

The Perfect Home For Your Pet

With a product line that includes BabiChip, RediChip, ReptiChunk, MicroChip, and more, we have the perfect large snake bedding for you.

ReptiChip is what the pros use because it’s the best, and it’s redefining the industry standard for reptile bedding everywhere.

Ready to switch to the best snake bedding out there? Join the ReptiChip family today.

What our customers say


Josh Wilson

I never do reviews for anything but I have been so impressed with ReptiChip since I started using it a year ago . It comes compact and expands a crazy ton, holds humidity great and doesn't mold at all from my experience, really worth what you get for $30 maybe they give too much but hey I'll ...

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Logan L.

This stuff is fantastic for maintaining humidity for my ball python. I foil taped the screen, have a large water bowl in the enclosure, and refill it every couple days. That’s all I have to do to maintain 65% humidity. Hydrating it was pretty straightforward, I used a big Rubbermaid bin, and ...

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Megan S.

After much research on substrate for my ball python I decided on ReptiChip. So far, so good. It's holding the humidity at the proper level. I haven't noticed any color transferring onto my snake either which is great. The only downside to the product is when only having 1 snake it's hard ...

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Erin Ramsey

Ordered this to try in my BT skink's enclosure. It was easy to work with; I just sprayed it with a hose and waited for a while, gradually chipping pieces off with a shovel. It did take longer than 15 minutes to rehydrate; it was closer to 45 mins, but still not a ton of effort. It filled ...

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J. P.

I'm really digging this stuff. As a small time hobbiest/breeder, every penny counts. You want the best for your animals, without costing you an arm and a leg. We have tried many coco-based products over the years. ReptiChip was the first one we came across that wasn't a fine powder or didn't ...

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Katherine Wells

I absolutely love this substrate. I use it in a 18x18x24" glass cage for my brazilian rainbow boa, and it's dense enough that it provides a solid floor, but it's loose enough that he can really dig in it, which he loves and does every day. When I first got it I thought it would be too scratchy ...

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Tiffany Bailey

I've had terrible luck with trying different beddings for my snakes, and so many ordered both online and bought at stores in person have either been awful quality or housing mites. I read the reviews for this and decided to give it a try and extremely impressed! I have absolutely NO complaints, ...

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Miguel C.

I've tried different types of substrate and this is the best stuff I've come across. Holds humidity well. The size of this block covers A LOT! I filled two terrariums and still had plenty leftover. Super easy to get the block ready. There's a YouTube video on their website, but basically you ...

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