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Scolopendra polymorpha

Tiger Centipede

Scientific Name: Scolopendra polymorpha

Best substrate for a Tiger Centipede Scolopendra polymorpha ReptiChip

What Makes ReptiChip The Best Tiger Centipede Bedding


The Tiger Centipede (Scolopendra polymorpha) is a fascinating arthropod species found in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. One notable feature of these centipedes is their striking appearance, characterized by a distinctive pattern of yellow or orange bands alternating with dark brown or black segments along their bodies. This coloration serves as a warning to potential predators, signaling their ability to defend themselves with venomous forcipules located near their mouthparts. Despite their fearsome appearance, the venom of Scolopendra polymorpha is typically mild to humans, causing localized pain and swelling similar to a bee sting.

In addition to their vibrant coloration, Tiger Centipedes are skilled nocturnal hunters. They use their excellent sense of touch and sight to detect vibrations and movement of prey, which primarily consists of insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates. Scolopendra polymorpha are adept predators, swiftly immobilizing their prey with venom and powerful mandibles before consuming them whole. Their role as efficient predators helps control insect populations in their native habitats, contributing to the ecological balance of desert and semi-arid environments. Furthermore, these centipedes exhibit fascinating behaviors such as burrowing to escape extreme temperatures during the day and constructing temporary shelters using soil and debris. Studying Scolopendra polymorpha provides insights into predator-prey dynamics and adaptation strategies in arid ecosystems, showcasing their evolutionary success in harsh desert landscapes.

Why ReptiChip?


ReptiChip is made by tiger centipede lovers, for tiger centipede lovers. It’s what the pros use, and it’s what you can use, too.

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Common Tiger Centipede Reptichip Questions

ReptiChip provides an ideal environment for your tiger centipede by balancing cleanliness, comfort, and humidity. It's excellent for moisture retention, which is crucial for the well-being of many reptiles and amphibians. The substrate is also low in sodium and potassium, reducing the risk of mineral buildup that could harm your tiger centipede.

Absolutely! While ReptiChip offers premium quality, it's priced affordably to be consumer-friendly. The substrate's durability and ease of maintenance also mean that you'll need to replace it less frequently, making it a cost-effective long-term choice for your tiger centipede.

ReptiChip is known for its low tannin content, which means it won't stain your enclosure or your tiger centipede. It's also excellent at odor absorption, keeping your living space fresh. This makes it one of the easiest substrates to maintain, allowing you more quality time with your tiger centipede.