ReptiChip Breeder Bundles



You asked for it...we delivered. ReptiChip Breeder Bundles allow you to purchase multiple Breeder Blocks and SAVE!

Spoil Your Pet Reptile With A Premium Reptile Substrate Today!

Looking for a quality reptile bedding for your snakes, tortoises, lizards, geckos or amphibians?

How about a premium snake substrate, made of organic, eco-friendly coconut chips?

Presenting the ReptiChip Breeder Block, The Highest Grade Coconut Chip Reptile Substrate available!

To enhance the living conditions of your reptiles and amphibians, appropriate bedding is essential.

ReptiChip is a superior quality snake bedding, made of Premium coconut chips, meticulously cleaned to remain dust, dirt and fiber-free and boost your reptiles’ healthy growth.

Great For All Of Your Reptiles And Amphibians!

Whether you keep a corn snake, a milk snake, a king snake, a gecko or a turtle, this reptile bedding is for you.

Ultra absorbent and odor-free, it will provide your reptiles with the humidity they need to thrive, but will also help your python or boa to safely breed.

Easy To Use & Clean!

Add water to expand the ReptiChip Breeder Block and substrate and create a perfectly hygienic environment for your reptile.

Why Choose ReptiChip?

✔ Premium Quality 100% Organic Coconut Chips

✔ Mixed Sized Coconut Husk Chips

✔ Absolutely Healthy For Reptiles And Amphibians – Odor Absorbing And Hygienic

✔ Provides Reptiles With Ideal Humidity Levels

✔ Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Product

✔ Easy To Clean

✔ Ready To Use

Click “Add To Cart” Now & Watch Your Reptiles Thrive

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Samuel Lopez (Burkburnett, US)

ReptiChip Breeder Bundles

Stephanie Roberts (Michie, US)

ReptiChip Breeder Bundles

John Wiggins (Los Angeles, US)
Best chip on the market

I’ve been using the wolds best chip for a while , I’ve tried some of the lower cheaper brands out there . There’s only one that’s good enough for my snakes , the best of the best “reptichip” lasts longer , looks better, works the best .

Randy Davis (Portland, US)

ReptiChip Breeder Bundles

Jose Bernal (Pharr, US)

Ive spent so much money with repti chip and never got any stickers or free shirt-



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