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Ball Python

Ball pythons are great for first-time pet owners as they’re generally very docile and, because they don’t have fangs, pose no serious risk of injury. But when first-time snake owners find out ball python substrate is now on their shopping list, they’re often overwhelmed by the number of choices. While there are many options out there, ReptiChip’s coconut substrate stands above the rest, and makes the perfect ball python bedding for your new pet.

Why ReptiChip Is The Ideal Ball Python Substrate

Without the proper ball python substrate to create the ideal habitat, your animal will struggle to be happy or healthy. After all, your snake didn’t evolve to spend its life on the glass of your terrarium, right?

Here at Reptichip, we’re passionate about giving our pets a safe and comfortable home. When we couldn’t find the ideal ball python substrate, we got to work on developing our own.

That’s when we stumbled upon coconut substrate as a potential solution, and after many tweaks, ReptiChip was born. Here’s why ReptiChip’s innovative solution is the best ball python bedding out there;

  • ReptiChip holds humidity, creating an environment your snake will love
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Is made using only the highest quality coconuts
  • Coconut has a low potassium and sodium content, making it safer for your reptiles
  • ReptiChip is made using 100% organic coconuts

Why ReptiChip?

ReptiChip is an innovative ball python substrate that utilizes one of the safest, most convenient and most renewable products out there: coconut.

While we’ve continued to grow through the years, ReptiChip has established a reputation for care and quality among reptile lovers everywhere. ReptiChip promotes fellow breeders through the ReptiChip Distribution Network, and we only ever distribute ReptiChip through fellow reptile breeders who trust our products. And ReptiChip is made for reptile lovers by reptile lovers, which means we only use the highest quality ingredients available so you can give your pet a safe, comfortable home.

Get ReptiChip- The Premier Ball Python Bedding

ReptiChip is one of the most comfortable, convenient and eco-friendly ball python bedding on the market. Your pet and the planet will thank you, so get ReptiChip today!