ReptiFiber: Short and Medium strand Fibers



This raw product consists of short and medium strand coconut fiber (100%). While many of our products go through several process to remove the dust and particulate, this product is not dust free. 

We’re testing out a new fiber product here to see how folks like it. This short/medium strand coconut coconut fiber has been picking up in popularity. Currently it is locally being used for/in:

-bioactive enclosures



-dart/tree frogs

-sand boas

-naturalistic terrariums 

-hognose snakes

-Leachianus geckos

-bird nesting material


So here’s the deal…we need to get some more feedback from the community on this product to see if it’s something that is we should consider offering nationally. 

Now, we’ve got to cover some of the cost of shipping, so we’re offering up 10 x 36Qt bags of fiber for $10 shipped (only one per customer please). For this though, we’d ask that you give your honest feedback on this product at the end of the month. Please only participate if you’re willing to take a short survey a week after order. 

As always shipping is FREE to your door.

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