***NEW*** Save with Naked Breeder Bundles



You asked for it...we delivered. Again.

With the global shortage of high quality Coconut Chips, and the increased costs of ocean freight and ground shipping, we've definitely seen an increase in pricing here. In this day and age we know that every penny counts...so we came up with a solution to help!

Introducing: Naked Breeder Block Bundles: the same exact Breeder Block that you love; just without the label and the without the bag (will say that again for the scholarship students in the back...these blocks have NO LABEL and NO BAG. But they're the same. Except no label. And no bag).

"Why is there such a difference in cost JT?"

I'm glad you asked imaginary friend! We use these blocks in the production of our RediChip products, and currently have a few more on hand than their labeled brethren. Without the added costs of the additional labor and supplies needed to bag the blocks, and the time that it adds on to the chipment ( < see what I did there?), we save a few bucks and are happy to pass it on to you. 👊

WARNING: these blocks will crumble a bit in the box! If you have HAVE to have a bag in which to hydrate your blocks, and can't figure out another way, then this product is NOT for you! We'll do our part though to make sure that the box is fully taped so that we don't lose any errant chips during chipping.

So here it is: the SAME blocks at better pricing...just without the bag and our beloved mascot Ralph to grace you on the label.

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