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Geckos make for fantastic pets, and coconut substrate is the perfect gecko substrate to keep these animals safe and comfortable.

Some of the most popular pets in the gecko and skink family include leopard geckos and crested geckos, and while they can be low-maintenance pets, they rely on having a safe, humid environment in which they feel comfortable.

For years, ReptiChip has worked on and perfected the optimal leopard gecko substrate. Made from only the freshest imported Sri Lankan coconuts, ReptiChip’s bedding consists of finely shaven, triple-washed coconuts that create a dust-free, humid environment for your pets.

The biggest reptile breeders in the industry such as JKolbyka Reptiles, Always Evolving Pythons, Mutation Creation, and more use ReptiChip for their amphibian and crested gecko substrate needs because it works.

Some of the other things that make us unique...

No Other Reptile Substrate Like It

  • Safer. With the lowest sodium and potassium content on the reptile bedding market, ReptiChip stands alone in providing your animals with a safe home
  • Low maintenance. Dust-free and with a very low tannin count, your animals and your tank will remain dust and stain-free
  • Humid. Coconut shavings hold humidity incredibly well
  • Always fresh. ReptiChip never uses old, recycled material to make our bedding. It’s always made from fresh, healthy coconuts
  • Eco-friendly. Coconuts are a 100% renewable resource
  • Organic. ReptiChip is 100% organic
  • Superior service. All customer service matters are handled directly by the founder and owner

More Than Just A Product

ReptiChip’s mission is more than just providing you with the best skink bedding for your pet. We’re here to promote reptile owners through our ReptiChip Distribution Network, which is how we get ReptiChip out and into the market. We never sell through big-box stores; the ReptiChip Distribution Network and our ReptiSentatives are reptile lovers just like you.

Because we believe in working with people who care about pets over profits.

Switch To ReptiChip Today

ReptiChip’s product line includes BabiChip, RediChip, RediChunk, MicroChip, and more, and we have the perfect amphibian and skink bedding for you.

Ready to get the best gecko and skink substrate for your pet? Join the ReptiChip family today!