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You asked for it...we delivered. ReptiChip Breeder Bundles allow you to purchase multiple Breeder Blocks and SAVE!

Spoil Your Pet Reptile With A Premium Reptile Substrate Today!

Looking for a quality reptile bedding for your snakes, tortoises, lizards, geckos or amphibians?

How about a premium snake substrate, made of organic, eco-friendly coconut chips?

Presenting the ReptiChip Breeder Block, The Highest Grade Coconut Chip Reptile Substrate available!

To enhance the living conditions of your reptiles and amphibians, appropriate bedding is essential.

ReptiChip is a superior quality snake bedding, made of Premium coconut chips, meticulously cleaned to remain dust, dirt and fiber-free and boost your reptiles’ healthy growth.

Great For All Of Your Reptiles And Amphibians!

Whether you keep a corn snake, a milk snake, a king snake, a gecko or a turtle, this reptile bedding is for you.

Ultra absorbent and odor-free, it will provide your reptiles with the humidity they need to thrive, but will also help your python or boa to safely breed.

Easy To Use & Clean!

Add water to expand the ReptiChip Breeder Block and substrate and create a perfectly hygienic environment for your reptile.

Why Choose ReptiChip?

✔ Premium Quality 100% Organic Coconut Chips

✔ Mixed Sized Coconut Husk Chips

✔ Absolutely Healthy For Reptiles And Amphibians – Odor Absorbing And Hygienic

✔ Provides Reptiles With Ideal Humidity Levels

✔ Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Product

✔ Easy To Clean

✔ Ready To Use

Click “Add To Cart” Now & Watch Your Reptiles Thrive!

Buyers Reviews

Buyers Say

Michael N.

Outstanding product I have used every substrate out there and for the $$ Reptichip out performs them all Odor control Humidity retention Mold resistant Thanks JT!!

Alan C.

Retains humidity very nicely! Softer than bark. Very light scent & almost no dust compared to aspen. Easy to expand (useful video in FAQ). Unexpanded blocks stack well for storing away. ReptiChip has a very good price per expanded quart of coconut husk bedding. Best price when you purchase ...

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Nikki C.

First time ordering ReptiChip-ordered 5 blocks because we heard such great things about this product. They were not able to ship them all at once so they sent an email to let me know. Very respectfully. Love the product. Will not use anything else in our racks!!

Julie K.

Have always liked ReptiChip, holds humidity and the snakes seem to like it. One block goes a long way. Honestly purchased online due to suspension of reptile shows, but the speed in which I received it was amazing

Billy B.

I love this product for my boa and ball pythons. Hols humidity well and lasts a long time. I wouldn't buy anything else except this kind of substrate for my reptiles.

Matthew M.


Kassidy W.

The order got to me so quickly! Despite all the COVID-19 shipping delays it still got to me VERY quickly. I love ReptiChip and will use it forever! Thank you guys for your fast and awesome service!

Kenneth G.

Product is great, arrived in good condition and in a timely manner. Thank you!

Katrina M.

Bought the 3 pack to be able to try it with a variety of species (mostly short tail pythons). I live in a dry climate, and also work a good 50-60 hours a week so keeping humidity usually means running a humidifier constantly. But with this substrate its been so much easier to manage. Not ...

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Douglas B.

Love ReptiChip it is easy to use works great, keeps humidity levels up and smells down. The 10 pack breeder pack is a winner in my book better pricing on something your going to use anyway.

Damon L.

I've tried so many products out there. And I have to say I will never buy from any other. ReptiChip is 100% best there is out there.

John W.

My favorite substrate to date and I've tried em all. I like to mix mine with 25% cypress mulch as I find it very attractive and nice to work with. These guys have the fastest shipping and best customer service I've ever seen. Thank you ReptiChip!

Jon F.

Best substrate I’ve ever used.

Billy B.

Awesome stuff. My snakes love it and so do i

John T.

Great product. Holds moisture well.

Brian K.

Great as usual.. Fast shipping... On point.. Thanks brian k...

Jasen M.

I've switched my entire collection to ReptiChip... Instantly my snakes all started to nest in it... Nothing compares!

Russell E.

Best substrate on the market. Shipping was as fast as Amazon at an even better price. Filled 4 4x2 Boa Master enclosures, 4 41qt tubs in rack, 4 66qt tubs in another rack and still have one block remaining. Humidity holds very well.

Rafael R.

Great Product

Stuart T.


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Dr.jerry U.

Great product. Holds humidity well. Easy spot cleaning. Quick shipping.

Rafael R.

Love the ReptiChip man

Christina M.

I bought this and it is fantastic! Easy to use my snakes love it and helps with humidity levels. My order came in 2 days. I've been suggesting it to everyone I know that has snakes. Thank you! Christina McVey

Scott W.

Love this stuff!!!

Colin L.

Best product on the market. fast free shipping. top of the line customer service. snakes love it. I love it. ReptiChip is the best.

Shane S.

Great product so easy to use hold moisterlike no other product great for the snakes.

Marino C.

Best product hands down. Placed my order on a sunday night arrived Wednesday morning.

John K.

Best product on the market, my snakes love it! Can’t beat the price or the service. Will continue to buy.

Andrew S.

Absolutely love this product..

Michael G.

I breed boas and have used cypress mulch in the past. I tried ReptiChip and haven't looked back. I feel like it holds humidity better and less dust

Scott W.

Great service..great product!!!

Casey S.


William G.

The shipping box perfectly fit all 3. Very satisfying.

Matt H.

2nd time ive ordered from you guys. 2nd time im more than satisfied. Best customer service. Best product. The rest are just wannabes

Matthew M.

You guys rock! Thanks again!!

Joseph B.

Great stuff my animals seem to love it and so do I , received if very quickly also great customer service.

Devi G.

Great product, fast shipping, really pleased.

Colossal C.

Made the switch to ReptiChip in hopes of the animals loving it. So far it’s worked out tremendously! The boas and short tails seem to be doing amazing on it. Holds humidity well, no odor, and almost no dust. Will define purchasing more in the near future.

Wardy C.

Nice and clean no issues price is really good for the product I wouldn’t change anything about it this is what I will be using for now on

Ian P.

I love ReptiChip! It's hands down the best Coco substrate on the market. I post about it all the time on my social @pythonaddictaz

Michael J.

I just what to say ever since I start useing the ReptiChip bedding it's way better thin Aspen and it's great on boas in how all pythons in I plan on useing it for ever and I think 3 blocks of it is a great price and buying more of it is better thin have thin to run out

Thomas Y.

Great product and great service. What more can you ask for!

James R.

Absolutely the best substrate around for Retics. I refuse to buy anything else. Excellent service and support. Highly recommended!!

Pythonidae E.

Great product. Fast shipping!! Highly recommend.

Philip S.

Perfect way to get your hands on 100% best substrate.

Gerry J.

Awesome substrate, delivery time was very fast.

Thomas B.

I love the product and my snakes seen to enjoy it as well. Super easy to use. Only issue I had was shipping. They came in 5 separate boxes on 4 separate days. Just a little inconvenient. Nothing major though. Definitely will be ordering more in the near future. Thanks

Michael N.

Great stuff Best substrate out there Fast shipping

George S.

Great product, buy the bundle for an even better value.

Steven V.


Darren C.

ReptiChip is my go-to substrate for my ball pythons. It holds moisture very well and keeps my humidity at the desired level. I never had any shedding issues while using ReptiChip! The prices were better on this site compared to buying directly from Amazon! The shipping was also free and just ...

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ReptiChip is hands down the best substrate for my ball pythons. I have switched all my racks over to ReptiChip and now have a stock pile of repti built up. I have even gotten several people to switch over to repti as well. JT is a super cool guy and takes a lot of pride in producing the best ...

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Mallory O.

Best product to keep your humidity where it needs to be!

David K.

This bedding is the best. Hold humidity great and make spot clean so easy. I block does a 6x2 foot cage with a little bit left for replacing spots you clean. Best substrate I’ve used by far!!

Sandy A.

Quick shipping and definitely couldn't find a better price. Top quality as always keeps us coming back.

Angelica G.

Love the ReptiChip! I am just getting into the hobby and have a couple BCIs and a baby rainbow boa that I need to keep at 90-100% humidity! This is not a challenge with ReptiChip, it holds humidity great and is perfect for her! Shipping was fast too! Will be ordering again! Thanks for making ...

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Living legless reptiles

ReptiChip is the best !!!We have used alot of various substrates over the 15 plus years in the hobby including a ton of coconut husk chip types. As soon as I was introduced to a renewable resource compared to other bark options I was in but it was hard to get some times or so under processed ...

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George S.

We use ReptiChip for our reptile business and really appreciate the 3 Pack Breeder Bundle ease of purchase, pricing and quality of the ReptiChip for our animals.

Clinton K.

Top notch beginning to end great service !

John P.

Love ReptiChip wouldnt suggest any other substrate!!! Gana have to get the 10pk next time since my collection is growing.

Haley T.

I absolutely love this stuff! Since switching over I have better shedding, better humility control, the snakes overall appear happier. This is my go to now.

Renee M.

Great consistent product, shipped quickly! Top notch service and product, we will only use ReptiChip in our collections.

Rebekah L.

Great product as always.

Michael N.

AWESOME product Great price Fast Shipping Fast Courteous response time Solid 10/10

Todd T.

I'm new to using ReptiChip. This is only my second order. I'll highly disappointed that I didn't discover this awesome product sooner. I've had perfect sheds since I switched over. I'll always use ReptiChip.

Rodney A.

Have bought several times

John K.

Can’t believe I waited so long to switch! I’ve used every substrate on the market, and had finally settled on newspaper. (I work for a newspaper so I always had a good supply). It was easy to throw away the old and put in the new. Wanted to get my humidity up though, so I went ahead and ordered ...

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Clinton K.

Keep up the great work love the product and service

Douglas S.

Really like using ReptiChip in my tu s so far only been about two weeks now but no problems so far

Jerry U.

I’ve been using ReptiChip for a few months and probably won’t use anything else. Holds humidity well and easy spot cleaning. Early hobbyist and eventual breeder Dr Jerry Upp DVM

Steve W.

New to using ReptiChip but so far I love it, super easy to work with!!!

Danny C.

ReptiChip is your go to for your reptile substrate needs!!!!

Cody S.

I love this stuff I’m seeing improvement on the quality of life for my snakes they seem happier and more active now

Ryan T.

Got our 5 pack shipped on a Saturday and had it by Wednesday, super quick, painless and efficient. Love ReptiChip and all their products, wouldn't buy from or use anything or anybody else! We will be ordering another 5 pack very soon

John P.

Best substrate out there!!! this breeder bundle is very convenient for breeders who are on a smaller scale.. 2 blocks filled an ARS 7030 rack completely very satisfied overall!!

Colin L.

Great price, best product on the market, ships fast, excellent customer service. We've been a customer for a few years now and I can't see that ever changing.

Carrie S.

Lightning fast shipping! Awesome deal with the bundle price. Love the product. Our snakes are very happy!

Justin C.

I Used unprinted paper for the longest time but when my collection got over 30+ and the fighting to keep good humidity in northern Ohio and drastic weather and climate change almost daily or week to week I wanted to give this a try after hearing practically nothing but positive outcomes from ...

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Johnnie M.

AMAZING!!!! Great stuff! Fast shipping!!! Returning customer FOREVER!!!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Geri W.

Excellent really like it.

Clinton K.

Excellence all around recieved my order super quick no issues at all ! Keep up the great work

Gabrielle K.

It's amazing stuff! Smells awesome my snakes look good on it and it's a great price! The blocks almost quadruple their size when soaked. Awesome product will use from now on!

Marilyn W.

Have just started to use this product. However, the snakes seem to like it and they are who matters. Easy to use, clean and good value.


What can I say about ReptiChip. It's the absolute best bedding for your snakes. The shipping and delivery was extremely fast and will definitely be ordering again.

James R.

Love this product for my retics. Order arrived next day to my surprise. My snakes seem to love it too. Excellent humidity retention while surface stays dry.

James C.

I can never not leave a 5 star review. The best bedding on the market, reasonable price, always speedy delivery even with the free ground shipping and owned by a fellow veteran. I would, however, like to point out that I have noticed the blocks are containing more fibers and less chip. Maybe ...

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Kristina M.

I love ReptiChip for my animals. I also love the fact that I can get a discount for pre-ordering when they are out of stock. This is by far the best substrate on the market!!!

Nathan F.

I have to say, this product is top notch! Its a little more expensive then others but with free shipping ill buy this every time. I only have one year under my belt in this hobby and i have not had one issue with sheds or any other scale or breathing issue. Its made it almost to easy. And ...

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Gracie S.

Fast shipping, friendly service qith quick, personal responses when contacted. Product is quality as expected. Will definitely be purchasing again in the future!!

Sam R.

ReptiChip is the Best!

Leroy C.

Everything was shipped correctly but when I soaked blocks they all had small pieces of different colored plastic almost like confetti.

Josh T.

This was my first time using ReptiChip and I'm extremely impressed. I should have tried it A LONG time ago.

Shawn R.

Took a week longer then expected but over all im happy.

Brittany R.

This stuff holds humidity better than anything. Easy to set up and it fills 3-4 4ft cages per block which is super cost efficient. Quick shipping too.

Vanessa V.

Packaged really well, perfectly sized chips and holds moisture really well!

Jeremiah T.

Fast shipping great product.Will only use ReptiChip

Hunter B.

This stuff is amazing! My snakes love it, they are more active, and feel so much softer! Hands down best on the market!

Brian C.

I have used all sorts off Coconut substrate over the years but nothing else measures up to ReptiChip in value and quality. Purpose made for reptiles and very clean and pure unlike agricultural Coconut many use.

Jeremy G.

Great product will stand behind forever. It helps my tanks stay alittle damp to help my snakes shed better and it’s quick to clean up.

William L.

Great product !!!! Will keep buying and using for my Ball pythons . Works great for Humidity!!

Joseph C.


Joshua G.

Hi this is Joshua from pinecone pythons, We recently purchased the 10 pack breeder pack and I must say, Price and product works well for me. We are definitely a ReptiChip customer. Thanks ReptiChip Pinecone_pythons@IG

Jeff K.

Works wonderfully for my rainbow boas. Maintains humidity levels needed for the health of my collection.

Chandler H.

ReptiChip is by far the best coconut substrate on the market. I have tried multiple different brands and I have found ReptiChip is the superior product.

Thomas W.

Great product has a strong smell the first day or two after that it fades away and is just an awesome substrate.

Scott B.

I really love the quality and price...Best substrate on the market...Shipped much quicker than expected also...Such great service...Definitely using ReptiChip on all of my snakes...

George steven F.

This is a great value and a terrific product for our reptiles. The shipping was quick and the process was easy.

Chris C.

Exactly what I needed as substrate for my 8 reticulated pythons. Much better than Eco Earth or any other coconut substrate I've tried before

Lori W.

Fast shipping, the best bedding for snakes that require humidity! I live where it is VERY dry but I never have to worry with ReptiChip! And it goes quite a ways. the packages are easily stored since it is compacted!

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