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Made from the highest quality coconut available anywhere in the world, ReptiChip is the perfect reptile substrate that allows your animals to maintain their desired humidity level. This coconut bedding is ideal for all species of pythons, boas, colubrids, geckos, monitors, and frogs. Each ReptiChip block (12in x 12in x 6in) is compressed, chipped coconut that expands to 2.5 cubic feet (72 quarts) of premium reptile bedding when you add water. Watch as your animals THRIVE in ReptiChip Premium Coconut Substrate!

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Aaron M.

Martin Exotics has officially switched to Reptichip!!

Nicole G.

Best product for holding humidity in my snakes enclosures. I’ve tried several others, none held humidity as well (it gets VERY dry in winter where I live) And I’ve never had mold. The breeder block is a good value, I only wish they sold it in stores near me!!

Sara G.

I love this substrate. It really holds humidity for my ball python enclosures. It smells great and absorbs a lot.

Casey Z.

This is honestly the best substrate I have ever used. 100% perfect sheds ever since I switched to it. I even purchased a shirt and stickers so I could represent ReptiChip when I'm out and about. I always recommend ReptiChip to anyone with ball pythons.

Jordan S.

ReptiChip will always be our #1 choice when it comes to giving our snakes the best. No dust no mess just fill the bag with warm water let the block soften up then dump it into a storage toat and add it to your enclosure or rack. Holds humidity perfectly and allows my snakes to shed perfect ...

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William S.

The supstrate that I have ever used! Very easy to break apart! Hold humidity so well! Just what I was looking for!

Michael T.

This is something I will b using for my snakes for good 5 stars hands down this is the best substrate out

Austin H.

I’ve been using this substrate for years, and LOVE IT! I typically pick it up at shows, but COVID-19 put a stop to this... sooo I ordered online. The shipping was super fast and as always the product was “spot on”. Thank you for providing a great substrate!

Austin H.

I’ve been using this substrate for years, and LOVE IT! I typically pick it up at shows, but COVID-19 put a stop to this... sooo I ordered online. The shipping was super fast and as always the product was “spot on”. Thank you for providing a great substrate!

Myojung Y.

This block can fill my 40 gallon for 3 substrate changes, so very worth the money! I'm using this for my corn snake and had to bake it to dry it because it does an absolutely fantastic job of holding its water like it's supposed to do and corns need lower humidity. Once its dry though, totally ...

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Brandon T.

Love love love ReptiChip!!! Best substrate on the market. Keeps humidity well and my ball pythons love it. The only substrate I will use

Sabrina C.

Really love this stuff!!! My Ball Pythons are so happy with it! Retains humidity very well. Clean, not dusty substrate. 5 stars.

Jeremy B.

I love ReptiChip I would recommend it for anyone. I will be buying more no other substrate compares

Robert B.

Really happy with this stuff. Was going to buy some of the competition brands to compare but I see no reason to waste the money. Will use it for more ReptiChip.

Raymond G.

Expands amazingly! Clean and feels a lot more softer than other coco block substrates!!

Brian M.

After using multiple substrates, this is by far the best

Danielle R.

Holds humidity great, smells awesome, pleasing to look at, doesn’t discolor like some other products I have used in the past. Never had wood mites or bugs in a package.No need to freeze or heat, Just wet and go. Definitely the most effective bedding I have found yet. I get perfect sheds every ...

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Brian M.

Exactly as described. I've tried alot of substrate and this one is best for keeping humidity out of all the different coconut brands.

Dennis C.

Awesome products fast delivery

Eddy C.

Love ReptiChip!!!

Jordan M.

Love ReptiChip for my ball pythons. Best substrate out there in my opinion. It came fast too!

Caroline D.

Only four stars because it did grow a little mold in my Blue Tongue Skink’s enclosure. But, it holds humidity well

Jessica R.

Works great, as expected. You can’t go wrong with this stuff

Charlene O.

The only substrate I use!

Michael M.

Best substrate on the market. Perfect sheds and keeps the humidity up. Only complaint is I should’ve bought more. A+++.

Jason M.

Great live this stuff ReptiChip all the way

Victor G.

Love the product

Nicholas B.

I've been using ReptiChip for several months now. Its been absolutely amazing. I'm glad I made the switch and will continue to use it for as long as I am in the reptile hobby! Thabks JT!


Awesome product and easy to purchase, I love ReptiChip, Struss'Snakes uses it and my snakes thrive on it

Esteban S.

5 stars all day awesome people/Business customer service can’t and won’t stop using y’all wish I could get some stickers but one day I’ll get some from yall

Jeff K.

Have heard and seen so much hype about ReptiChip that I had to try it. Worked as advertised and snakes seem to love it. ReptiChip will be my go to substrate from here on out. Thank you guys for the quick del

Seiriana H.

The best substrate for maintaining humidity. Fast shipping, great prices. I find myself recommending this several times a week to my pet parents at work!

Brian M.

Works great. You get quality and quantity

Malli B.

I first started with aspen chip for my ball python and quickly switched to ReptiChip. It is my favorite. I not only love the look of it in my ball pythons enclosure, but it keeps the humidity up and my snake really seems to like it. I haven't had any issues with him accidentally eating the ...

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Matt H.

Finally made the switch to reptichip. Best decision i made. No other substrate can compete

Victor T.

The order was placed and shipped rapidly. Total professionalism!

Gerad B.

I've been using forest floor for awhile and made the decision to switch to ReptiChip. So far it is the best decision I have made!

Allison T.

Definitely keeps humidity well (still drying it off). I may have over soaked, HA. It smells weirdly awesome. Shipping was quick and easy. Will definitely be ordering again unless I find a local distributor here in NY! Great product.

Ashleigh P.

I have used ALL substrates for my ball pythons and this product is the beat by far!!! Keeps my humidity perfect and is easy to clean, also looks very nice in my terrariums. Helps a lot with their sheddingsi as well!

Lenard M.

When I placed my block in water it was not nice and clean like in the video. The block almost fell apart and made a bit of a mess. Glad I did this outside. Once it completely expanded, it produced lot of substrate. It still appears slightly damp in the cages, so I hope it does not mold. Will ...

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Jonathan S.

I was looking for something different to use as bedding for my boas, this stuff is pricy but the best I've ever used so far, I plan on buying more as needed in the future, 5 stars if cheaper

Cole F.

Been doing the snake thing for 2 years now (have 8 snakes) and I have used Forest Floor as bedding for about the first year but I kept seeing people talking about or using some kind of coco chip so I decided to look into it. I’m the kind of person that if I’m going to switch that I make sure ...

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Nicholas B.

Definitely lives up to the hype. Since I bought my block, I've had half dozen or so of my snakes go through shed and come out clean and full. Perfect humidity levels with almost zero effort. So glad I switched from using cypress mulch to this.

Michael R.

I like it it's very good substrate.. It's smaller pieces than the cocoblox and less fibers love it would definitely use again

Dominic T.

Used this during the breeding season and I couldn't be happier. Ever since, my snakes have had healthy sheds whenever that time comes around. Very easy to spot waste in from the contrast of the dark coconut. It holds water incredibly well, keeping my vivariums humid at all times. I highly ...

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Casey R.

Great product! Alot for the price!

Alan C.

Definitely the best coconut substrate on the market. Simply fantastic!!

Todd T.

I live in the desert southwest and have struggled with humidity problems for a long time. I started using ReptiChip and my snakes are now shedding without issue. It's far easier than providing a humid hide. I was very impressed when I broke the block apart and it produced no dust. NONE! I ...

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Christian H.

Used ReptiChip for the first time recently and so far I love it. Way more comes in a brick than I realized so that's a plus. It holds humidity excellently and traps odor great as well. Will definitely buy again.

Theresa W.

Our ball python loves this substrate. The YouTube video on the FAQ list was really helpful for preparing the substrate. The block expands and will last a long time. Perhaps consider a similar brand-approved video for preparing a smaller portion of the block for people with one pet rather than ...

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Perry H.

Absolutely love it!

Gary S.

Best substrate ever!!!

Emiley S.

I had my little guy on my shoulders when I was breaking this up and he couldn't even wait to get in it! He LOVES it! It holds moisture well. It is sturdy enough to not move too much, which means the UTH never comes too close to his scales. Won't ever use anything else!

Jake C.

Jake best stuff ever great price for a great product

Kalee B.

Reveived it quick and always a the best price around! By far the best substrate.

Josh B.

Absolutely the best reptile bedding I’ve ever used! Keeps humidity great, easy spot cleaning and when I’m done with it, my wife uses it in her flower bed! A 10 out of 10 rating! Now, to try the RediChip

Gary A.

Best stuff out there! Great team too! One block last much longer and does better than anything else ive tried and its less expensive. Love the stuff.

Michelle P.

Love this stuff, I like how it is small and more manageable . Really hold humility well and I definitely need that. Will be a returning customer and tell everyone about you guys.

William G.

Great product, it's a few steps above prococo.

Nathan F.

Seems to be great product so far! I use it for all of my ball pythons, and no complaints from them!!

Michael P.

ReptiChip is excellent! My humidity for my ball python was struggling . ReptiChip made a big improvement plus you get a lot of product for your money. Also it looks great. It came recommend from garrik demmeyer

David E.

Great product, great service. Quality and price wise, light years better than anything at your local chain store. Can’t reccommend it enough! Thank you all for what you do.

David S.

I love ReptiChip it works great for my ball pythons and will continue to use it.There's no better substrate out there.highly recommend it

Sonya H.

I have seen lots of people give your product high recommendations and I was skeptical at first but so far it has worked exactly like I expected it to. Thank you for providing a good quality product!

Joshua C.

Love this stuff, during the winter months, it provides awesome humidity for all of my ball pythons!!!

Megan B.

Works great! Loving ReptiChip. I have my ball python in a 40B tank and this tremendously helped to hold more humidity in her tank. And one block will last me quite a few changes. Highly recommend this stuff!

Esteban S.

I think it’s an awesome product love it and good customer services definitely recommend this to other breeders and going to buy more in the near future

Malli B.

Very much like this substrate. I love the look and feel, very real looking. The only downside for me is I use a PVC (plastic vision cage) that is better at holding in humidity, so once I wet the block and put the substrate in there it was very high humidity for SEVERAL days. Took like a week ...

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Randi B.


Destiny F.

Very nice substrate. Holds humidity very well and looks nice in a tank. You get a whole lot of substrate from 1 brick. I received my order relatively quickly and watched to tutorial on how to soak to brick and that was very easy as well. I will Deffinatley be purchasing again. The only cons ...

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Bryan J.

Great substrate my ball pythons love this stuff and they all shed great and in one piece. Holds humidity and have never had any problems w snakes accidentally swallowing while feeding. Will definitely keep buying this for my snakes tubs.

Ethan V.

Great product and came very fast

Robert K.

Product was delivered in 2 days. This is my first experience with this substrate so far after 3 weeks it’s been awesome. Spot cleans nice and keeps humidity very well.

Chawnna K.

I absolutely love ReptiChip holds perfect humidity and I get great sheds everytime.

Jeremy W.

Love the product

Meghan W.

When I started with reptiles that required more humidity I tried numerous substrates and none of them fit what I needed, in the past 5 months I’ve ordered 5 of these ReptiChip blocks they’re high quality and fits what I need I definitely will buy from again in the future!


We have 30+ snakes in our breeding collection and have tried every bedding or paper idea we've seen or come up with. This is the best substrate for someone who has a day job. Follow the instructions and be patient! I did neither and made extra work for myself. Everything organic molds given ...

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Jason S.

Perfect for high humidity loving reptiles! My blood pythons love it!

Mckenzie B.

After seeing quite a few hobbyists make the switch to ReptiChip, I decided to give it a shot myself. So far, I’m very pleased. A single block was able to add a nice .5-1in layer in six of my 32qts and one 15qt, with roughly 55qts to spare. It retains moisture very well, and its texture seems ...

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Jonathan R.

Love it!! And fast shipping

Shelby B.

This shipped insanely fast and immediately fixed my humidity problems for my ball pythons! Definitely plan to order again in the future!

Clint D.

As advertised this is a great product!

Randi B.

What an amazing product. If you are having issues with keeping your humidity and temperature right in your tank, you have to buy this product. Having the tempurature & humidity consistent has increased my snake's appetite. I will continue to purchase this product.. Thank you ReptiChip.

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