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ReptiChip: The Perfect Corn Snake Substrate

ReptiChip’s corn snake substrate is the industry standard; it’s easy to clean, comfortable and creates the perfect environment for your pet. You’ll love it, and your pet will too!

ReptiChip: The Perfect Corn Snake Substrate

Corn snakes are great pets; they stay relatively small and are generally docile reptiles, making them fun to own and an excellent choice for first-time snake owners. But when it comes time to making a home for your corn snake, the choices in reptile substrates can be overwhelming. Luckily, ReptiChip makes it easy. With our unique coconut substrate, we’ve created the ideal corn snake bedding for your new pet, making your life easier and your pet’s life more comfortable.

ReptiChip’s Industry-Leading Corn Snake Substrate

Here at ReptiChip, we love reptiles as much as you do, which is why we were so frustrated when we couldn’t find the perfect reptile substrate. In fact, we were so fed up with not finding the best substrate for corn snake, we decided to go out and make our own.

After sifting through every possible solution, coconut substrate emerged as the gold standard for corn snake substrates. Using coconut as a base, we poured through every possible variation of coconut and consistency, and ReptiChip was born.

Here’s what makes ReptiChip the best corn snake bedding for your animal:

  • Coconut holds humidity
  • It’s easy to clean
  • ReptiChip is made using only the highest quality coconuts
  • Has the lowest potassium and sodium content (safer for your reptiles)
  • We use only 100% organic coconuts

Why ReptiChip?

ReptiChip makes the best reptile and corn snake bedding because it’s made by reptile lovers, for reptile lovers. Over the years, we’ve gained a following for;

  • Never cutting corners on quality
  • Supporting fellow reptile breeders through the ReptiChip Distribution Network
  • Actively contributing to reptile health through organizations like USARK (United States Reptile Keepers Association)
  • Distributing ReptiChip only through other reptile breeders
  • Outstanding customer service; all product issues are handled directly by ReptiChip’s founder and owner

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ReptiChip is comfortable, easy to maintain, and best of all, safe for your animal. Get ReptiChip today!