*** NEW ReptiEarth Fine Coconut Fiber Mix ***



We've sourced the highest quality coconut coir available in the world...and then kicked it up a notch. What makes ReptiEarth different than other coconut fiber products on the market? I'm glad that you asked!

The challenge with most coconut fiber based products is that they tend to compact over time...this decreases our animals ability to find their ideal humidity and thermoregulate. To solve this problem, we've added fine and short strand coconut fiber into the mix to give ReptiEarth its 'fluff'...which in turn provides our animals the ability to burrow and select their ideal microclimate. 

🐍 The PERFECT substrate for any microhabitat. Use for amphibians, arboreal geckos, arachnids/inverts, and as a base in bioactive and isopod enclosures.

🐍 THE CLEANEST REPTILE SUBSTRATE: Sorted and refined here in the United States, this product is washed in excess of three times. ReptiEarth coconut bedding is ready to use—just add water to increase humidity.

🐍 AN ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE: ReptiChip products are 100% organic, safe, and sustainable. ReptiChip deeply respects the environment. Through extensive research, we have found and utilize only the best sources of the highest quality coconut husk in the world. We take great measures to ensure that all processing, packaging, and delivering is executed with the environment in mind.

🐍 As always, standard shipping is FREE

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