Large Easy Hatch Tray Case (35 pc; DIST)



Case includes 35 trays. Each tray holds 15 eggs in a 15 quart tub, or attaches together to hold 30 eggs in a 28 quart tub.
MAP on these is:
$15ea        for 1-5
$13.50ea   for 6-9
$12.50ea   for 10-34
$11ea         for 35+
Easy Hatch reptile incubation trays are your solution to ensure your precious reptile eggs hatch safely into the world! The Large Easy Hatch Tray was designed to hold up to 15 eggs, giving you excellent space to hatch your snake, lizard, or gecko clutches. Large Easy Hatch Trays also allow for the use of the reptile incubation substrate of your choice in your reptile incubation box, granting you the freedom to pick your favorite reptile incubation method. Most importantly, the hatch tray was designed with specific egg-shaped grooves to prevent and protect the eggs from rolling. Another key design feature of the Easy Hatch Tray is that it allows proper airflow to the reptile eggs while creating a physical barrier between the eggs and the reptile incubation substrate...or use not incubation substrate at all! Your eggs will stay clean and healthy, allowing for optimal hatching conditions. If you are serious about the care for your reptiles, Easy Hatch Trays must be part of your reptile incubation program!
🐍 Provides physical barriers between reptile eggs and reptile incubation substrate
🐍 Prevents eggs from rolling. Allows for easy access to reptile incubation substrate
🐍 Trays connect together to fit into a 28 or 30 quart tub for larger clutches
🐍 Fits most 15qt. containers currently used as a reptile incubation box
🐍 Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
🐍 Fits most 15qt. containers currently used as a reptile incubation box

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