BabiChip Premium Small Sized Coconut Chips



✓ The PERFECT substrate for medium sized colubrids (Cornsnakes, Milk Snakes, Kingsnakes, etc.), and hatchling pythons and boas.

✓ The CLEANEST reptile substrate available - We've taken the ReptiChip Coconut Substrate Breeder Block, expanded it, removed all of the fiber and dust, sorted it into a small sized coconut husk chip, and packaged it so that it's ready to go for your reptile or amphibian.

✓ Ready to Use - Just add the desired amount of water for the species that you keep!

✓ As always, standard shipping is FREE

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Kevin Fletcher (Chicago, US)

Works great baby ball pythons love it instead of keeping them on paper towels or full sized reptichip. Even got 2 species of milksnakes on it they love that they can burrow threw it

Great for Baby Snakes!!!

I purchased this at an expo this week from a vendor and I have to say I'm already in love with it! I just got my first snake and he is suuuuuuper tiny. This substrate is perfect for him and the texture is not too soft and not too rough, you can definitely feel the quality. He burrowed in it right away so I think that's a thumbs up from him as well!!! I definitely plan on buying the other sizes as he grows.