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ReptiChip has developed the perfect lizard bedding. It is safe to use, clean, and an all-around ‘no-brainer.’ ReptiChip is an excellent Iguana substrate and will do well for most any reptile.

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ReptiChip Breeder Block
ReptiChip Breeder Block



ReptiChip is the perfect lizard substrate, though it works well for any reptile. There are several significant advantages of ReptiChip’s innovative coconut lizard bedding. Although there are some other decent lizard substrates out there, ReptiChip is an all-natural coconut substrate, making it perfect for creating a healthy environment for your reptile.

What Makes It the Best Lizard Substrate?

  • No Mess

ReptiChip is simple to clean. All you have to do is simply remove it and replace it. Without the hassle of particulate sticking to the glass, it is a simple, painless process. 

  • Organic

ReptiChip is organic, and their lizard-substrate helps to maintain a safe habitat for your favorite little (or big) reptile.

  • Moisture Retentive

Since coconut is naturally moisture-retentive, it makes a great lizard substrate that is healthy and safe for your pet. 

Lizard Substrate lizard bedding Lizard Substrate

How To Find ReptiChip?

ReptiChip is sold online and has a lot of distributors. We offer free shipping in the USA and offer fast and reliable customer service. If you are looking to simplify the cleaning of your terrarium and upgrade the lifestyle of your reptile friend, order the best iguana bedding available on the market. Coconut has been used for quite some time by Orchid growers and plant enthusiasts and has made its way to the world of scales, tails, and little dinosaurs. (Yes. We mean reptiles). 

Is it Worth it?

Aside from all of the practical advantages, ReptiChip is cost-effective and looks great in your tank! The dark color and clean appearance will not disappoint you when you make the switch. Be sure to keep the tank clean and replace your iguana substrate often.

What our customers say


Josh Wilson

I never do reviews for anything but I have been so impressed with ReptiChip since I started using it a year ago . It comes compact and expands a crazy ton, holds humidity great and doesn't mold at all from my experience, really worth what you get for $30 maybe they give too much but hey I'll ...

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Logan L.

This stuff is fantastic for maintaining humidity for my ball python. I foil taped the screen, have a large water bowl in the enclosure, and refill it every couple days. That’s all I have to do to maintain 65% humidity. Hydrating it was pretty straightforward, I used a big Rubbermaid bin, and ...

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Megan S.

After much research on substrate for my ball python I decided on ReptiChip. So far, so good. It's holding the humidity at the proper level. I haven't noticed any color transferring onto my snake either which is great. The only downside to the product is when only having 1 snake it's hard ...

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Erin Ramsey

Ordered this to try in my BT skink's enclosure. It was easy to work with; I just sprayed it with a hose and waited for a while, gradually chipping pieces off with a shovel. It did take longer than 15 minutes to rehydrate; it was closer to 45 mins, but still not a ton of effort. It filled ...

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J. P.

I'm really digging this stuff. As a small time hobbiest/breeder, every penny counts. You want the best for your animals, without costing you an arm and a leg. We have tried many coco-based products over the years. ReptiChip was the first one we came across that wasn't a fine powder or didn't ...

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Katherine Wells

I absolutely love this substrate. I use it in a 18x18x24" glass cage for my brazilian rainbow boa, and it's dense enough that it provides a solid floor, but it's loose enough that he can really dig in it, which he loves and does every day. When I first got it I thought it would be too scratchy ...

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Tiffany Bailey

I've had terrible luck with trying different beddings for my snakes, and so many ordered both online and bought at stores in person have either been awful quality or housing mites. I read the reviews for this and decided to give it a try and extremely impressed! I have absolutely NO complaints, ...

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Miguel C.

I've tried different types of substrate and this is the best stuff I've come across. Holds humidity well. The size of this block covers A LOT! I filled two terrariums and still had plenty leftover. Super easy to get the block ready. There's a YouTube video on their website, but basically you ...

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